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Discover Championship Solitaire Challenge!
Discover Championship Solitaire Challenge and learn why the game (called "Patience" in Britain) enjoys growing popularity among millions worldwide! Our popular Solitaire game title includes a cast of 24 vividly endearing virtual opponents! Savvy Solitaire will love this realistic challenge. Beginners can get extra help from our personal in-game DreamCoach(TM). We'll show you what to play and explain why you should play it. Learn as you play!
  • Interactive play-by-play tutorial
  • Variations and customizations
  • Vivid virtual opponent characters
  • Free game search toolbar for your web browser
  • FREE unlimited game play!

98 / XP / Vista / Win7

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All-Stars Characters
24 Characters
Discover exciting new characters who challenge and entertain you.
Personalize your game with infinite options Customize everything
You choose your own skin, table, profile picture, and much more!
Professional Coach Hints Professional Coach Hints
Get the next level of card and board game strategy.
  1. Master your game with detailed history & statistics
  2. Choose from dozens of colorful decks and characters or design your own
  3. Play your way with hundreds of game options
  4. Improve your skills using unlimited hint, undo, and replay
  5. Challenge life-like characters across five skill levels
  6. Cheat! That's right, CHEAT and peak at your opponent's cards!