Free Family Games

Free family games

Free Family Games!

With the latest Covid pandemic outbreak our moves have become more restricted.  With more time spent at home, we have all been searching for alternative ways to entertain our families. The good news is that whether you need to quarantine or are restricted by curfews; the fun does not need to end.

We have pulled together this simple guide to help you discover some of the best fun and free family games that are available on and offline.


Play online

If covid has taught us anything it has taught us to adapt our lives virtually. So whether you are looking for online family games or to host your own virtual party we have everything covered. Thanks to the rise in popularity and usage of Zoom we can all easily connect with our loved ones and enjoy some great family games at the same time.


Host an event

If you are looking to put some pizazz into quarantine, why not consider some of the more traditional games. Why not teach your family how to play roulette or blackjack at home or you could a host a murder mystery, family poker night.


Educational Games

Another challenge that covid has presented is the need for parents to home school their children (often for the first time). However, learning doesn’t need to be boring or feel just like another lesson for your child. Learning can be fun for the whole family. Enhance your homeschooling, develop your children’s skills and entertain the family with our guide to the best educational games.