Play Roulette at Home

Play roulette at home

When it comes to easy casino games, when you play roulette at home you will realise its difficult to beat. This fun fast-paced game is sure to spice up any evening.

In the game, each player spins a wheel that has 38 possible outcomes, and bets are made on the outcome.

It might look like there are a bewildering number of bets you can make but most roulette bets are more straightforward than you’d think.

Unlike some casino games it requires playing with specialised equipment so this article looks at how to play roulette at home. We recommend playing for free online. You can find demo versions of online roulette from sites such as Casinos Jungle. This means you can practice the basics outlined below risk free.


The basics of playing roulette at home

The game has two elements. One is the spinning wheel with 38 pockets and the other a metal ball that spins around the edge of the wheel.

Gamblers then make a bet on where the ball will end up.

You can bet on the ball ending up on a certain colour or an even or odd number. You can also bet on whether it ends up on a number within a certain range. Low (1 to 18) or high (19 to 36) for example.

You can even bet on a particular number. As this is significantly less likely the bet will pay off at 35 to 1.

The variety of home casino games available is considerable if you search a site like Amazon. Anything from a budget sized kit to something more full size and anything in between.

For an amount between $100 and $500, you’ll find something that will be more than suitable for a home casino night.

There is also the option of playing online roulette of which many sites are offering free play. They will range in quality, from simple basic games to more advanced 3D ones.

They all offer the ability to play with fake chips. This means you won’t be playing with real money. Plus the odds will probably be more in your favour with the provider incentivising you to play for real.


Playing roulette on an online casino

Finding an online casino which offers roulette for real money is, therefore, your other option for playing at home. Many of these will again offer free versions of their games where you will play with free chips. However, players are often be required to download a software client before playing their games but this is not always the case. Either way, the technology is good enough that you will not notice much difference.

You’ll also find online casinos which specialise in live dealer casino games or webcam casino games. The games that these casinos offer are played using real casino equipment. As the next best thing to being in a casino, they hire actual dealers and croupiers that you can interact with

Many players feel more at ease playing these games as they don’t trust the software.

Once the round has been played players are paid based on how successful they were in making the prediction. The free roulette game is totally transparent because you can see immediately after the ball has stopped spinning if you won or not. During a live casino game, it’s the dealer’s role to distribute the profits so obviously slows down the speed at which games are played.