Online family games ideas

As a result of the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, family game nights will be restricted to online. Here are a few of the best online family games ideas that we’ve found. Whilst many families may already play online, for others this may be a completely new phenomenon. Words with Friends or Scrabble are hugely popular amongst players of all ages but there are many other online family games ideas out there that deserve your attention.


This is a free game available to download for free on your web browser. will have all members of the family discovering their artistic side. Upon opening the game, create a private room for you and your teammates. After this send all players a link so they can join the game. You’ll each be assigned a character name, and then will offer you prompts for objects to draw. You don’t have to rely on the game to give you prompts though, and you can specify specific words which the game will then offer out. This is especially helpful if you’re playing with younger children.


Tsuro: the sport of the Path


The Tsuro app version isn’t quite as visually appealing as the real-life game board, with its ornate details and Asian theme. However, the digital version does make a good effort to recreate some of the magic of the original. This is a very easy game to learn and gets the brain working. The aim is to keep a stone on the board as long as possible — or, if you’re particularly strategically minded, placing tiles that will knock your opponents’ over the edge.




Avo is an interactive game to be played on one screen so you won’t be able to play it with friends and family if you’re not in the same room. For this reason, it is perfect for families quarantined together. This is a game that is great looking, lighthearted, funny and will encourage communication. Despite the lighthearted content, it is still educational in that is quite a science-based It is based around short chapters during which players guide Avo the Avocado around the world. It also incorporates an augmented reality component which is a separate level.


Super Mega Mini Party


Super Mega Mini Party is definitely not a highbrow game. This should be fairly obvious upon stumbling upon a mini-game entitled Penguin Plop. This involves various animals attempting to knock your penguin off the piece of ice where he lives. The way to avoid falling off is just to jump and dodge the animals. This is just one of many fun games that don’t involve too much thought or concentration to keep you entertained. Other games involve you flying a space ship through asteroids or throwing a stick of dynamite around a campfire but trying to avoid exploding them. Whilst not strictly free if you have Apple’s Apple Arcade subscription service it is one of the included games. There are many others on there to recommend but this is one can be played with friends or family.